Pennsylvania is a state rich in biopharmaceutical diversity and deep roots supporting workers and their families in the union construction workforce. The biopharmaceutical industry and Pennsylvania unions have a rich history of working together to create jobs and promote innovation. Biopharmaceutical companies rely on high-skilled union labor to build and retrofit state-of-the-art facilities where life-saving treatments and cures are researched and produced.

However, some in the Pennsylvania legislature are considering SB 637 which would hurt hard-working men and women by gutting innovation and investment. The bill would impede competition by mandating disclosure of federally protected trade secret information. SB 637 cuts costs for insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers with no requirement that these savings are passed on to patients. On the contrary, the Federal Trade Commission has determined this type of legislation would actually increase the price of medicines.

This legislation could threaten good paying Pennsylvania jobs and could even limit access to medicines in Pennsylvania. The biopharmaceutical industry supports over 46,000 direct jobs in the state and contributes over $30 billion in direct economic output. Call your state representative today and tell them that a vote for SB 637 is a vote against hard-working Pennsylvanians!

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